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Thread: How delicate are end grain cutting boards

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    Or a work bench.

    The thing weighs nearly 300lbs. To move it, I have to gently lay it over on it's side, then turn it up-side-down - so that the center of gravity is on the bottom and then tip it up a little so I can wedge a hand truck under it, tilt it back and Bob's your uncle! Got it at an auction for $130 about 30 years ago.


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    get some Board Butter (Mineral oil + Bees wax mixture) = water and moisture bead right up on the surface

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    Or a woodworking bench!

    OOps! He beat me to it!
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    My advice, for what it's worth.
    An end grain board made from dry hardwood around 2 inches thick will last forever.
    .....if you keep it oiled with cutting board oil or mineral oil, whenever it starts to look dull.
    Don't leave it to soak in water, don't leave it in direct sunlight or put it in the oven.
    With a little care dry after using, that sort of thing.
    Be careful about buying made in China wood products. Think of that like Pakistan steel.

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    The board you had crack... it was end-grain?
    This sounds more like a very common edge-grain board issue.
    It's not such a frequent issue with end-grain. The stresses are distributed differently. Also its possible an end-grain board may recover from small cracks, whereas they continue to grow along the edge-grain.

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