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Thread: Light Rust on KU

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    Pointers for removing rust or what rust looks like on carbon blades?

    As for rust in the KU cladding, there is a real issue of removing the finish along with the rust. What I did on one of my cooks knives that he nearly destroyed was to rub the area with a coarse wash cloth dipped in mineral oil. This did remove some KU but not much (each KU finish is different yrmv{your results may vary}) and the rust seemed to come away. This was the sheet type of rust, orange and spread out on the surface. The deep pitting type of rust will not be as easy to wipe off with an oily towel. Rust forming on the non KU portion can be easily removed with a mild abrasive, you will want to resharpen if you get near the edge.

    Patina is after all very similar to rust, it's oxidization, but in a good way. I'm sure the science types can correctly name the processes and all but I can never remember them. Like making beer, your encouraging a good reaction that keeps out the bad reactions. And when it comes to a patina, I'm all for the long slow natural growth as there are far fewer problems with it.

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    Thanks for the tips guys (DC, in particular). I think I stopped the rust issue before it got bad. It was the powder type of rust, and now it seems to be gone. I have the IP safely oiled and and stored on my rack until I get back home. I've come to the realization that stainless might be a better travel knife, and as a result, I'm wielding my Misono Moly (LOVE THIS THING!)

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    One other way to deal with rust is a product like Jasco Clean and Prime, with phosphoric acid. The acid removes the rust and leaves an iron phosphate coating behind that protects the metal like Parkerizing.
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