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Thread: beater most used knife

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    London, UK
    I have a stainless cleaver that gets by far the most use, from chopping veggies for stock, filleting fish, and herbs, as well as being irreplacable on the line
    That and a wee parer for little stuff
    The gyutos get far more use at home; where style and fun come first

    slowly, gently, big stick

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    Kohetsu SLD Bunka for me. Used every day for this latest 85 days in a row stint without a day off. BUT...don't laugh....I still use my $15.00 IKEA chef knife for a ton of beater prep work. It's unbelievable...holds an edge almost as good as my Yu Kurosaki gyoto and never gives up. Go figure.

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    I've a little western handled Burke slicer that I use for everything that I can do with a 210mm. Sad thing is I thought about getting rid of it at first because the handle was I thought a tiny bit small.

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    Carter 180 Muteki G. Really my kids knife. Yesterday Madeleine was cutting through a block of cheese over the stainless steel counter. No chips either

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