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Thread: Dave M custom v Hattori FH v Konosuke HD v Gesshin Ginga 300mm Yo Handle Suji

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    I don't know if you were referring to my post. The mountain man thing was a poke at Vertigo. I think you're fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshstar View Post
    Does anyone here really need all then knives they have ?

    I just want a big bad sharp knife !! is that wrong of me ?
    Lol, no!

    I have a 310mm Harner Suji that I covet like it were the one ring to rule them all. Seriously, I would sleep with it were I not afeard of decapitating myself.
    I use it.... Once a month.

    My precious:

    Thanks for hosting the pic Rick.

    Btw, if you look around you can find a Harner 300 Suji for sale. It ain't cheap, but it don't suck neither!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    Now that IS a stupid question. Of course we need all of our knives...

    Just kidding. Keep posting man. And the next step is lubing your posts up with some vodka.


    Vodka !!

    Single malt, Paso Robles red and Belgian style beer here, in no particular order

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    Something that also happens quite frequently is that a simple question actually turns into a very interesting and useful discussion. Remember the thread MadMel started about Watanabe? That was very interesting and I'm sure Sinichi got quite a bit of business out of it, from myself included. Before that post I knew nothing about his knives

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    I would direct you away from stainless for a big long suji. Usually slicers see little board contact; aren't used for repetitive prep tasks; and are most useful razor sharp. All these point to carbon, or semi-stainless at the very least. I second CN, or the HD; if you go 270 your spectrum widens to Masamoto HC, Kikuichi Elite carbon, etc.....
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    You could also have Dave thin and etch a Hiromoto AS suji for you.

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    I have a Dave Martell suji and really, really love it. One of my most used knives. Would buy again. I haven't used any of the other 3 though.

    Quote Originally Posted by wenus2 View Post
    I'm just glad it's not another 180mm gyuto thread....

    Really though, a 300mm suji is a big ass knife.
    I guess I'm just curious why you need/want one.

    "Uh yes, I'll take the smurf gyuto aaannnddd... the katana."
    I think a smurf gyuto and a big slicer make a pretty good combination. Not much you can't do with those two knives.

    I have been noticing this response from a lot of people recently. Someone asks for knife suggestions meeting X, Y, and Z criteria, and instead of suggestions, people are responding with, what the heck do you need that knife for? Seems like people are more interested in talking people out of knives than into them. We are a community of enablers here people, make some suggestions!

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