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Thread: Should I go custom?

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    A badly made handle, of whatever construction, may eventually fail. A well made handle, while it may fail, is less likely to. I have bolsterless knives that have been in use by me since 1971. They are as sound as when acquired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    I am fairly confident there are no stock cleavers in the size that you want. Custom cleavers are the only way to go.

    AND DANG Seb, you have been holding out, that is a killer cleaver, very nice. What is the weight? 420 g?

    420 grams, according to BWJ (Keiichi assisted with the purchase and processes the custom orders).

    Thanks for the compliments, guys. This thing is indeed like the Terminator.

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    Oh oh! I just got a reply for my custom knife from the hamana shops. And with shipping it would be 699$ US dollars for a 295mm x 150mm chinese chef knife! Pretty expensive, but prety unique. Dunno if I'll do it though -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seb View Post
    Ashi Hamono takes custom orders for Chinese chef knives (chuka bocho) and you can specify any dimensions you want, including thickness and taper. You also have a choice between high quality Swedish stainless steel or Japanese Hitachi White #2 carbon steel.

    I ordered mine in carbon earlier this year, the dimensions are 220x110x2.0mm and the handle scales are rosewood.

    IIRC, cost was around US$250.00 and the order was finished and mailed to me inside a week.
    Thanks for that info Seb. Reasonable price and great turn-around. And of course, nice cleaver.

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    Since it is ging to be a custom, do ensure that you know exactly what you want esp if you are going to pop USD 699! DO look into the balance point in the light of how you are going to be holding it as if it is too front heavy can be very tiring ( till you develop the finger and wrist muscles)for continuous usage...DO some research... a good knife should last you many many years and still gives you the simple pleasure of life.. joy and satisfaction with your tools of trade that you are going to be using so often.. Spread the cost over 20 years.., cost per day usage is quite negligible isn't it. The day I stopped drinking wildly and wasting time in pubs...looking for "LOoove" i realised that i have more money for my hobbies and other interests...

    Dont forget to verify the thickness and length as only the thin ones are chinese chef's knife.Not meant for hacking bones. Each of them would have their numbering system to denote the intended purpose.

    SO do your research, have fun and enjoy and hv your most preferred knife ( for the time being; till another beckons)

    so have fun..


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