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Thread: Fixing Overgrinds?

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    Protip: On double-bevels, small overgrinds will often work themselves out over time with proper sharpening technique. My first gyuto, a Tojiro had 2. Now none.

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    Marko is absolutely correct. You should cut on a POS stone you don't care about or a diamond plate until the "hole" is gone. Then, thin and sharpen as evenly as possible. IF the overgrind extends up the side of the blade and is deep, the blade is toast unless you want to completely regrind it from the overgrind out to the tip. Eamon is also correct but unless you sharpenoften and try NOT to get a burr on the overground part, the "hole" will be perpetuated and it's basically a crappy situation all around, IMO. That's a "protip" from a cook's perspective. Markos is a "protip" from a sharpener's or knifemaker's perspective. If this were an out of the box issue, I'd return it, no question.

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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I think on a diamond stone it shouldn't take that long to fix, I'll just grind the last 3rd of the blade as Marko suggested. It doesn't extend up the face of the blade at all, it is just the edge. I am pretty sure it happened because I was using a ceramic steel and not starting at the very end, the knife was ground perfectly when I got it. Just want to make that clear in case people are looking at buying a Masamoto and get the wrong idea

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