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Thread: My Birthday Giveaway!

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    My Birthday Giveaway!

    My birthday is in a few days, and in honor of the way I think birthdays should go, I'm giving a little something away. The Hobbits had it right all along.

    I'm giving away a set of three little bottles of stropping pastes:
    2 Micron Silicon Carbide
    1 Micron Boron Carbide
    .5 Micron Chromium Oxide
    They are the Hand American semi pastes. If you don't have any compounds for stropping, there really isn't a tiny enough amount that you need. A single bottle will last you until you die or have toddlers. None of these are 'better' than the others, and you don't need all three, but it is fun to see how they differ from each other and work(or don't) together. It's fairly pricey(and a long wait for stocking) to get all three of these.
    This + Hobby store = Best sharpening upgrade under $10.

    The Game
    My wife got me the best Birthday gift I've ever gotten! Not that I've had a huge list of great birthday presents(or any for that matter), but including any kind of gift, this beats my previous 'best gift', which was On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee, also from my wife.

    I had just gotten off of work, and was so unsure what it was, I was surgically cutting the box, just in case it was inflatable or otherwise. One thing about me: I don't react to gifts(I told my wife once to watch my face when my daughters were born and remember it--cause that's as much reaction as I offer). But my face here still gets me!

    Guess what it is! I will pick a person at random from the guesses.

    I'll answer some questions about it, but not if it hits too close to home.

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    Eamon, I know..... Its a knife!

    Did I win yet? JK

    Happy Birthday bro!

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

    Availible Knives

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    8 inch Chicago Cutlery Chef Knife ?

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    Well I think we have a pretty good idea where it came from anyway from the bag. Is it a Fujiwara Teruyasu?

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    Leather-worker knife roll?

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    The complete box set of Saved by the Bell?
    Or maybe a 240 Kochi Kurouchi wa-gyuto.

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    I only watched the first 40 seconds. Pretty sure it's a Fleshlight.

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    it is a knife, from Jon. wrapped in this
    suspect it is something custom that Jon when your wife requested something special.. or it has a custom made saya and handle ?
    regardless nice gift you are a lucky guy

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    That was cool.

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    A home circumcision kit!!
    Spike C
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