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Thread: The best supplement for my Takeda AS Gyuto 240?

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    Senior Member milkbaby's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    It will tend to increase in value some if the handle is nicer than the original one. However, if you spend a lot to make and install a custom handle, you might not get that investment all back when you sell it, just depends.

    Some people love a blingy custom handle, others not so much...

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    Admittedly i would really love to see your Takeda and how it looks after 11 years of dedicated use.
    I am always trying to find what old gyutos look like.
    I have used over 20 knives in the last 4 years at home so they barely get any wear and tear.

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    Jan 2017
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    Sure, I just shot 3 three quick ones in the kitchen (sorry about the bad quality)

    It's well used, and even has a chip en the heel that my very good old friend accidental made about a year ago .

    The images should be clickable

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