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Thread: Suggestion: Knife identification sticky

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    Suggestion: Knife identification sticky

    There is a regular flow of short "please identify this knife"-threads. Wouldn't it be nice with a sticky thread where people can post these types of requests?

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    What do others think? And where would it go?

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    Maybe in "Kitchen Knife Knowledge"? Not to hijack the thread, another suggestion could be a "show your newest stone buy" sticky in Sharpening Station
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    I fear even if you make a Sticky many new posters (typically the ones that start these threads) won't find or look for it... Especially if we place it in a sub forum like "Kitchen Knife Knowledge", were I agree it belongs. These posts are often done in haste to find out what they have and are never to be heard from again.

    It certainly could work it the long run, but it would be more work on the admins at first. (Moving new threads into the sticky)

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    What he said.

    My cynical switch is on today. New folks don't see the knife questionnaire, post knife questions in intro, and a host of other things that suggest a fixed format will not be recognized or adhered to. And the folks that know answers to "what knife" type questions are typically longer term members that use the "what's new" method of browsing.

    I'm not adverse to putting up a sub section for it, or a sticky within an existing section but don't won't to commit to the admin responsibilities of keeping it clean. As is, it does not appear to be broke.

    Older and wider..

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