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Thread: Western to Wa Coversion - Misono Dragon Suji

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    How did i miss this?! Truly an awesome job, Dave! Wouldn't mind getting one of those. Thanks for bringing this back to the surface!

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    That's some real sweet work brother.

    Converting to Wa without bolsters is hard enough with bolsters adds a whole 'nuther layer of "oops!" factor to the mix. I'm still scheming a way to do it without a lot of grinding.

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    Damn you guys for re-bumping this. Now I want one again.

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    That looks amazing - time to start saving my nickels!

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    Nice work Dave!
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    Dave, very impressive work!! now, you should worry about don't have enough time for converting works keep coming in....
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    incredible!!! Top notch stuff.

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    I think the Dragons make about the coolest conversions there is. That thing is friggin cool!
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