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Thread: A few rescales I did with Burl Source wood

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    A few rescales I did with Burl Source wood

    When I got my first stabilized woods from Burl Source, I mentioned I'll make a post with my work, so after a long time of procrastination here it is.
    I got a variety of woods with the idea to try them for razor scales.
    I found out those work great , easy to cut, shape, and also take great finish.

    Some examples of scales I made, all finished in wipe on poly.

    Fridour in dyed red wood burl

    Our own Maksim's Suredge, in walnut, I also blued the tang.

    A set of scales in Koa, I made for Maksim's Kikuboshi,
    that can be seen here (post #92)

    the scales are made after the originals but I do not have the razor, Max will be doing the assembly.

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    Very cool razors!

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    I am not looking at this thread....nope.....I don't need another thing to suck away my time and money.

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    Nice I must admit I've been looking at Burl Source for scale material as well. I'm lucky that I'm only looking at this time or I'd have a box full already lol. Heck I still hade a 6' (yes foot) long board of curly redwood to part out for scales...

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