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Thread: Birthday Present

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    I LOVE mine, and ya they are a thirsty board when they are youngsters Ive had mine a year now and it's not as thirsty as it once was lol

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    You guys are swelling my head! I'm happy my work is received so well.

    Be careful not to oil to much or you may see it drip out of the bottom like a member of this forum ended up with. Also, direct sunlight will heat up the board enough to make the oil sweat out. I soak them in a tank with several gallons of oil before allowing them to drip in a drip tank for 12 to 24 hours. Then they are waxed and buffed before being packaged for shipping. That should be suffucient for a while but I know many prefer to oil just as soon as their board is opened. Remember, a little oil goes a long way and oil the bottom as well on accasion.

    Thanks again for the kind words! You can't begin to know how much they are appreciated.

    David - Formerly The BoardSMITH
    Now just retired and looking for work

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