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Thread: My First Saya

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    My First Saya

    I just finished making a saya for my 120mm Kikuichi VG10 petty and wanted to share some photos.[IMG][/IMG[IMG][/IMG]
    I had fun with this and I'm sure I'll be making more!

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    Very nice! how did you make the cavity for the blade

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    I made this saya in two pieces. One piece 1/8" thick and the other 3/16" thick. I used a dremel with a drum like sandpaper bit to hollow out the thick piece. I had planned on using a pin to keep the saya on the knife but it fits pretty tight at the tip and it is not necessary to use a pin at all.

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    Very well done!

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    Nice! That's awesome.

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    looks good!

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    Looks good to me too.
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    Thanks guys! The positive comments coming from you guy's means alot. I have 6 more knives that did not come with saya's so I think I'll be making more in the near future. I was checking out some of Fish's handles and saya's last night and I noticed he made some of his saya's in three pieces and I might try this next time. The next one I think I will work on is for my 210 Itou gyuto with purple Sugalite stone handle. I'm planning on using some purple heart wood with some type of red spacer material in the centre to kind of match the knives handle. I'll post some photos when this one is finished.

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    Nice job on that saya! You've got me thinking about making my own.

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