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Thread: 330 suji

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    330 suji

    I am thinking about satisfying my big need (soon moving back to a country where minced meat is about the same price as Sirloin here...) for a 330 suji

    Willing to go custom or "standard"

    Some Qs;
    - Kiritsuke or standard tip?
    - Low tip (think Yanagi) or high?
    - Blade height at heel?

    Anything else to think through before pulling the trigger?

    I am a lefty, so most Yanis get really expensive otherwise i would have considered one.


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    In Japanese production knives sujis are often among the heavily biased knives, usually for righties of course. So if you're a lefty like I am you might wanna look for makers that offer lefty grinds. Misono (before the big pricehike) was one of the options when I was in the market for a long suji 1-2 years ago.

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    I want a big suji, too...

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    Me too

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    I want a smaller one

    The one I ended up with 1-2 years ago was an old stock 370 mm carbon suji from Japanese Yahoo auctions for less than $ 200 shipped.

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    I have a 330. Love it. Ashi Hamono Gesshin Ginga from JKI. Very light and thin. I use it mostly for breaking down tuna loin into soku blocks and sashimi. I wish my knife bag was 2" longer though, I worry about it when carrying it around, it doesn't fit properly and I get wierd looks when carrying it by hand walking to work. oO

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    Get one of the makers, like Dave, to make one to your specification (get those nice handles too). His suji profile looks like what you are describing.

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