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Thread: What knife for deboning and petty?

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    What knife for deboning and petty?

    So I'm looking to ditch some knives and go to three knives in the kitchen. It's not cause I just want to have three it's because ive found a Gyuto (or chukabocho) and a petty will do basically everything I need. I have a suji and never use it even for terrines or slicing large protein. A Gyuto and petty do all these tasks for me. The one thing I want is one knife that will double for breaking down bone in proteins (lamb, chicken, raw porchetta, Trout) and petty tasks (fruit, small veg, slicing small terrine etc...). I am looking for something to debone and use as a petty. Currently I use a Moritaka petty that is hamaguriba'd and works pretty well. But would something like an ajikiri or mioroshi double as a petty and deboning knife?

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    Spike's "mighty pettysuki" works great for me. I will be having him make me a 210mm version soon.
    It's the best of both worlds a petty and a honesuki.

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    Hankotsu or honesuki. I use both for the role you wish to fill.

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    I like the honesuki if your going to be cutting friut and such over the ajikiri. Most ajikiri are just mini deba and rather thick for their size.

    I use my 2 ajikiri allot, Takeda double bevel and Watanabe single bevel. Granted I use them both for very different things lol. The Takeda gets used the most as I love how it cuts most cheeses I like, as well as how it makes short work of chickens, lol I thought I used the takeda ajakiri in a video my daughter shot of me cleaning off a rib roast, but it was a 3" chef messermeister lol... oh well....

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