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Thread: Colin's ring-a mokume ring work-in-progress

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    Del....a few questions if u do u bend the billet into u have different size bars for different sizes? u heat it with a torch or something. Or is it soft enough to bend it?

    Also how do u shape the u attach it to something to grind the sides to shape?......very cool for sure.....

    Just out of curiosity what are the cheapest materials to get started in far as the mix of metals......ryan

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    ryan brass and copper might be as cheap as you can go and as easy to fuse too

    i did soem nic-silver and copper and it turned out ok
    im thinking about a batch of silver and copper tho for more striking contrast

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    I bend it around my own fingers to shape, but then enough iron has seeped into me that I have fingers of steel
    all the work is done cold, silver doesn't like to be worked hot.
    Each ring is a bit different, for larger sizes I use a bit thicker stock and for smaller rings the stock is a bit thinner. The same with width, although that is at the customers request, usually with a recommendation from me. I shape the sides by hand after the band is soldered together. The stock that I make is also a fairly consistant width, and only a bit of adjustment is necessary.
    The least expensive mix with a decent amount of contrast would be copper and silver, it would be fine for bands as long as it was silver lined. Avoid silver and brass in combination, it causes problems, just trust me on this.

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    Well just under 2 months and I lost it, sucks so bad. This is why chefs should not were rings, hot soapy water + rings = very bad.

    But just so I can remember it, and not loose another one, hers my fix

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    That sucks, and you are right, there is no forgetting what happened now: marriage or the ring loss.

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    Dude that sucks.

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