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Thread: opinions on a kiritsuki

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    cookin, I would love to hear from you about it when u get to play with it a little.

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    I agree w/ the above comments about the true single bevel kiritsuke vs a double bevel kiri-gyuto - which is really a gyuto f/ a flat profile and sword tip. Look awesome, but...

    I have the Moritaka 270, and don't use it all any more. Had to have it when I saw it when I first discovered J-knives. Now I just think it's a fun knife to have in the block. It's clunky, blade heavy, too flat for many tasks to be a good all-around'er (even though I broke the very tip and re-profiled it during the repair w/ a bit more curve towards the tip). I find the kiri-tip combined w/ such a flat profile to be too pointly and awkward to be useful for any tip-oriented tasks. I basically use it like a chinsese chef's knife/cleaver and the flat, wide profile has some advantages there.

    But that Kono kiri-gyuto w/ the ebony handle is one SWEEEEEEEEEEET looking knife!!!

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