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Thread: Moritaka Ishime

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    Moritaka Ishime

    Anybody got, used, or seen one of these? Available from Knifewear.
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    Texture looks interesting, after that I have no clue sorry.

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    I'm pretty sure the guy that did the 1 on 1 class here on Monday had a couple of these. They looked like Moritakas but he called them something else. Anyway, I didn't see any problems with them.

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    I've been to knifewear a few times, since I live in the same city. Kevin (the owner) said that this finish in traditionally done on hunting knives, not sure if its hunting knives or Moritaka hunting knives. Its got much more texture than the normal kurouchi finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhenry View Post
    Anybody got, used, or seen one of these? Available from Knifewear.
    I, too, have seen it on Knifewear. As your title states it is done in Ishime finish (Rock Surface finish).

    Knifewear models are Aogami #2 and they feature a "D" shaped handle. I contacted Moritaka directly and ordered a Santoku Ishime (185mm), Aogami Super with octagonal Handle. Moritaka charged a total of 16,680 Yen; shipping included.

    In my opinion Ishime finish looks way better then Kurouchi finish; and it's probably more durable. The knife is straight but not too sharp out of the box. The handle feels really good but before I use the knife I'll have to fill the handle/tang hole with some epoxy (see the bottom pic); not a pretty sight. I might consider sending it to Dave for inspection and sharpening.

    Sorry about bad pictures; I might take a better set later.

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    seems like the finish on my takagi; very rust resistant and seems pretty stuck on there

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    I don't see the normal welded tang of Moritaka....interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NO ChoP! View Post
    I don't see the normal welded tang of Moritaka....interesting.

    Good point.

    It is hard to see from the previous pictures so, I took a few closeup shots. It appears the tang is made from a different material, but since it is covered with Rock Surface finish it doesn't show well (nor would I want it to).

    Here are some closeup shots of the tang and Rock Surface finish:

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    Well there is the weld. Nice looking knives. I recently sold my Moritaka Kiri-gyuto and just barely regret it. Not enough to matter though, his replacement is doing great and as I get the edge profile more to my specs it'll be a perfect fit shortly. I will say I took for granted how nice an edge that Moritaka will take.

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    Very Takeda-esque,I wonder how a full size Chukabocho would look.

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