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Thread: Need Help with a Knife Set Suggestion

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    I'm gonna jump on the Fujiwara-FKM-budget-bandwagon. They are cheap so if your friend just don't like them it's not a big loss(can't remember how the handles was since i rehandled the ones i have).

    And that Forschner fibrox bread knife is just a steal for what you get out of it.
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    If you go for any Victorinox / Forschner get the rosewood handles instead of the Fibrox.

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    ok, so i've seen the love for the tojiro bread knife, and i'm not quite sure why. isn't it just like every other bread knife? people were big fans of MAC for the scalloped edges that ?supposedly could be sharpened on stones at home?". OK - i think there needs to be some clarification on this bread knife thing, because I, too, was going to suggest rosewood forschner bread knife, rosewood forschner parer, fujiwara utility, and a CN gyuto ... and for slicer - gee - i think that'll depend on how thin/flexible you want it.

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    I'm still in the process of putting it through the worst possible tests I can think of (i.e I have a loaf of crusty bread sitting getting harder by the day), but it just cuts unbelievably well. I haven't used the forschner so my only other experiences come from a friends Mac & crappy knives and I really just love the FAF of the knife as well as its sharpness. First bread knife that I was actually nervous to run my fingers across. Starts ripping skin straight away.

    Also tackles a watermelon pretty darn good. (Take a look at theory's video)

    They also say you can sharpen it on stones but I'm not sure yet, it will eventually get to that point and I will have to post some results.

    I really can't say enough about this knife, its made me buy more bread and watermelon then I ever did before.

    Sorry I can't compare it to the Forschner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TDj View Post
    ok, so i've seen the love for the tojiro bread knife, and i'm not quite sure why. isn't it just like every other bread knife?
    I would never buy a knife just for bread...but I bought a Tojiro bread knife for sandwiches. You see, about 4 hours a day, I am making sandwiches to order. This thing makes almost no crumbs, doesn't snag on things like chicken chunks, and, if you use it right, it won't even compress cheap grocery store bread--slices through without mashing and doesn't make a mess. Stainless, convexed, and cheap to boot. What's not to like?

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