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Thread: Damascus 280 Sujihiki WIP

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    Rootin' for ya, Mike. Go big or go home, huh?

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    Ok finally i have a little progress to announce. I have the handle in various stages of glue up and am hoping to get it all glued up into one solid piece this weekend. I will try to get some pics up later tonight, so you guys can laugh at what little i have done so far

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    It's like a daily thing for me to check the progress of this knife.

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    Wow! I just looked over this thread for the first time. What a knife man! Don't know how I missed this one. I too will be seriously glued to this thread.

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    Nice work, Mike. How long has that ox horn been drying?

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    This may turn out to be the coolest kitchen knife ever! Musk Ox and Damascus!!!

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    I am hoping so Daniel lol. Joe, the slabs were cut about 2 years ago. They are as dry and stable as they are going to get right now lol. I had my wife brainstorming on this with me and i think we have it figured out...Expect to see this one finished real soon...If not it will drive me insane.

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    I can't wait to see this handle done.Mike have you tried shaping the handle in a cold environment,I really like working wood/metal when my garage is below freezing.

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    Yeah...been about 25 degrees in my shop...Honestly seems to make it better lol

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    Looks complicated. If horn shrinks, you will have a lot of sharp edge exposed (happens on my handles w/metal spacers all the time during winter months) and second, you got to go very careful shaping that horn so you don't burn it.

    Nevertheless, I applaud your effort.


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