Damascus 280 Sujihiki WIP
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Thread: Damascus 280 Sujihiki WIP

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    Damascus 280 Sujihiki WIP

    So...we took turns manning the press yesterday(Mostly Randy Jr.) and made a pretty good size billet of damascus. Mario and I split the billet of HHH damascus and Salty was gracious enough to allow me to copy the profile of one of his suji's. I am not sure which one it was(He called it the gold standard in suji's). Earlier today i profiled the blade, The plan for the handle is a split wa but in a stick tang. I will need to use a spacer between the scales, but it will have a full ferrule with a full ferrule spacer. I am using some really incredible musk ox horn for the full handle scales, but unsure of the spacer between and the ferrule. I thought about some really light stabilized koa i have and maybe some sort of dark stabilized wood for the ferrule. I might get some mammoth tooth or use some more damascus for the ferrule spacer....What do you guys think? I need some options. Anyway...here is the start of the blade, i will get some more pictures tonight after i HT it and re etch to see the pattern

    Thoughts? Opinions? Critiques? Comments?

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    it is gorgeous! I'm glad you had fun.

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    Nice, Your not messing around are ya??!!?!

    Looking forward to seeing this WIP and the finished knife.

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    hmm. musta been the 270 Masamoto honyaki...

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    That sounds right! Got it heat treated, tempering right now. Came out straight as an arrow! I have good feelings about this one This is some super tight pattern stuff, Randy Jr. is a beast! Here is a quick, dirty etch at 120 grit. Cant wait to get this one finished.....I think i will dream of this one lol.

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    Looks great, very nice choice of profile. Suji's are fun

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    Is that going to be a keeper or seller?

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    Unsure of that one. Might sell it to fund buying some more of Randy's damascus lol. Spent about 45 minutes last night laying in a wicked distal taper...I payed attention to your suji...Hoping to rock that profile. If i do sell it, you bet you ass i am using it before i do

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    What do you guys think about using amboyna burl between the musk ox horn scales? I was also thinking of using damascus for the spacer and for the buttcap with maybe amboyna or african blackwood for the ferrule. I am still undecided so i want to get some opinions/thoughts on this.

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    Mike, I think damascus spacer with the African black wood ferrule would be HOT!

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