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Thread: Damascus 280 Sujihiki WIP

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    Mike, Im sending out a larger piece of damascus for you to use on the handle spine. Should be there by the end of the week. Barring postal delays. lol

    Seeings how you asked. I would stay with the black wood and use the damascus for the spine and spacers. The Koa and the horn are to similar in color and may not give enough contrast or definition to the amazing handle you designed. Im sure that whatever you go with it will be great.

    God Bless

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    Randy, Have i ever told you that you are the man!!! If not...well :P I really would love to use the damascus, but the pieces were not big enough. I am stoked! I really cannot wait to finish this one!

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    I think Randy raises a good point in using a darker wood than koa to contrast the musk ox horn. Plus the blackwood isn't as figured, so between the damascus, horn, and wood, it would prevent the knife from being too "busy" looking.
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    Yeah, we talked about it on the phone after i posted that. Going back to the blackwood lol....I am so confused!!!! LOL!

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    All i know is this thing is gonna be a stunner when you finally decide what the handle is gonna be But i agree if you go with blackwood musk ox and damascus it will look exceptional!
    Randy Jr
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    Thanks Randy Jr.! Without you, this wouldn't have happened!

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    I fit were up to me all handles would be ebony with a shiny spcer.

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    Yup. I love the dark handles best.

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    Dark yes, ebony....no. I do a have a wa sized piece of ebony though Salty...

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    WOOHOO!Damascus showed up for the handle today I will be doing some layout work before i head to work...Hopefully i will have some good progress shots tonight

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