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Thread: Dumb work injuries

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCaptain View Post
    So back about 25 years ago the employer could still get away with telling women they had to wear skirts, pantyhose, and heels when visiting client locations. Problem was, I was on a large outsource engagement and was ALWAYS at a client location. So here I am, in a friggin skirt and heels working a 70+ hour week and tired as all heck. Take off my heels to give my feet a break at 9pm on a Saturday night ...

    An promptly steps on a 1 inch heavy duty staple (we processed thick income tax returns) that was on the floor. Went straight up into my foot. Had to use a staple remover to pull it out at that sucker hurt like a sonnabitch!

    Nothing compared to you guys in the kitchen, but is titled "Dumb work injuries"

    After that I always kept flats at the client location to change into after hours.
    I'm sure the staple was still a relief compared to the heels!

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    :grin: looking back I do believe you're right!

    Oh wait, you mean we can customize our signatures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh_Toro View Post
    That serrated edge on the plastic wrap box gets me more often than it should...
    Gotta +1 that one man, can't agree enough on how many times that serrated sucker has gotten me

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    I wasn't involved, but a friend typed up the paperwork when someone had a fall at work due to someone spitting on the floor. The paperwork gave the cause of the accident as "Slipped on a loogie."
    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    I have got a few.

    Hot stock in the shoe.

    Tried to pull the tube of plastic wrap from the box. The serrated cutter popped up and marked me across my face.

    I managed to fill the deep friar ignition chamber with gas, and it blew up in my face. Got away with singed eyebrows on that one.

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    been taking sh!t for this one for years.....

    so my hands are masserated for working the cold side all week, grab a carrot and the mandolin.
    Is it he blade that gets me? no no no.
    the carrot had the slighted bit of grit on the skin and cut me under my fingernail.

    ... a carrot....

    (points to mouth)
    food goes in here

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