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    Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!! The bevels are about 3/4" tall and have a semi smooth transition into the flat/spine of the blade...Kind of a pain in the ass to take a pic like this one handed lol. Here's a few pics to explain.

    I tried to take everything i have learned on what makes a good knife and put it into this one. I think this will live up to my expectations....Now i just need to make me one

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    Nice grind. And ruler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post
    Nice grind. And ruler.
    LOL! Thanks...and thanks That ruler has designed sooooo many knives....If i could just make them as fast as i can draw them...

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    Cool hamon, makes me want to try some more water quench antics.

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    KNife has shipped, hope you see it by friday!!!

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    Sorry Tk59.. To answer your question, at the temper temperature, 60-61 rc hardness. Enough to hold a wicked edge and tough enough to not chip out. I like W2 because it has better wear resistance than the 10xx series of steels, and wear resistance make for a great edge

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    Nice work Mike.....now it's in that wood pusher's hands to pull it home.

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    Thanks Dave! I hope he likes it...I am kinda nervous...not going to lie lol.

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    The blade showed up in the mail today.
    OOOOOOH Baby! this blade is nice.
    Tomorrow I will start sorting through the candidates for the handle.
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    AWESOME! Glad you like it! I hope it serves you well Now...Lets see a handle!

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