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Thread: OK, I need a Gyuto

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    Exclamation OK, I need a Gyuto

    You guys have convinced me that I must have a gyuto. This forum is going to cost me!


    To replace a Shun Classic 8" chef's knife for home use. The
    Shun now seems clunky and awkward.

    My little Carter funayuki has convinced me that I require
    a nice thin Gyuto that can be kept razor sharp. I love the
    Carter for little jobs, but need a general purpose, full size
    knife for larger jobs.

    I have a Masamoto yanagiba, Ichimonji kiritsuki and the Carter.
    I like to sharpen and care for carbon steel, and keep my knives
    in immaculate condition.

    I like simple, functional but top quality tools. Simple but nice wood.
    Fortunately, I have not yet learned to appreciate damascus.
    A nice finish is fine.

    Have I left anything important out?

    What do you suggest?


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    You just described a Sakai Yusuke gyuto in white steel. Wa (Ho and Ichii wood) and Yo-handled, 210-270mm versions from bluewayjapan on ebay.

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    You like that Carter.... He sells full size knives.

    Jon could get you a pretty sweet 240 Konosuke in carbon with an ebony handle. That's pretty hard to beat for a simple elegant solution. For a few bucks less he has one in stock in white #2 with the standard handle (which is still pretty nice). They have nice F&F as well.

    The trend seems to be away from super thin, although it's hard to ignore how much fun thin can be.
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    If you have time to wait and a $400 budget I'd get on the next Martell preorder. You wont regret it! Anything konosuke is good too or geshin ginga from jki

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    Why not Masamoto KS? Thin, elegant, prestigious. Handle is simple, but you can pick different color ferrules from JCK....
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    What about one of Marko's?

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    Marko's gonna make some killer knives for sure - but his style isn't "thin", which I thought OP preferred?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TDj View Post
    Marko's gonna make some killer knives for sure - but his style isn't "thin", which I thought OP preferred?
    Oh yeah.

    Wait, what was the budget again?

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    If you're looking for a carbon laser the Sakai Yusuke knives are very good and aren't super expensive. I'd either get one of those or a Konosuke

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    If you're as kind to your knives as you make it sound, I would consider the Kochi lines.

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