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Thread: Knifemakers...Thoughts on a shop

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    I think he was politely asserting that you didn't tell him anything he didn't already know. Other than the fact that the KMG is the best bang-for-the-buck grinder in your opinion(which I agree with, and he also probably does).

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    Thanks Johndoughy, the title "I do say" in bold makes my comment seem less than humble, didn't realize it would print like that on this forum. Anyway, just trying to make for a polite response if he needed more info on any particular point.

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    I do appreciate the input. When it comes to tools I'm an idiot.

    It was the flat ground 01 that I questioned

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    Hi Salty, I am not trying to say that O1 is the best steel for kitchen knives, it comes down to opinion with the best steels for cutlery having slightly different traits. Maybe you like White #1. What I was saying is that forging steel in your shop or making damascus adds no magic to the steel (but does add value because its cool). I point you to a site called hypefreeblades, The site tries to take the hype and myths out of steels. Roman Landes and Kevin Cashen are metalurgists who also make knives and are on this site and other sites. A recent thread is What is damascus?


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