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Thread: Tojiro Cosmetic Upgrade

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    Tojiro Cosmetic Upgrade

    I just bought the $50 Tojiro 210mm white #2 kurouchi. Nice knife, and cheap enough that I thought I would spruce it up a bit (not a disaster if I mess it up). I stuck it in my knife vise (I know you're supposed to put the blade in while sanding the handle, but it works the other way too) and went at it with wet/dry on a sanding block. Here's the knife as it came:

    Here it is after some work with 220 (lubed with water and Dawn):

    And here it is after 320:

    That's where I've stopped for now. It doesn't show in the pics, but the cladding has a nice wavy hammered look that really pops with the kurouchi removed. 1000% better in my opinion.

    Comments welcome.

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    Nice, thanks for the pics. I think it looks much better too.

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    that is a rough looking finish on the OOTB knife, and it looks great after your modifications, so i'd say you have a winner on your hands!

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    Nice work. If I had it, I would also try sharpening the wide bevels to see if I could get a nice contrast-y look. Then again, it might not be worth it, since the patina would cover that up anyways.

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    Thanks. I've heard that removing kurouchi may increase susceptibility to rust, but I cook at home only, so I should be able to handle that. The thought of polishing the wide bevel crossed my mind...

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    HA! That is awesome.

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    Pretty cool. Let us know how reactive the new finish turns out to be.
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    Let's just hope that Dwarvenchef doesn't see this, he will have a meltdown Looks good to me, though.


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    One thing I forgot to mention is that the kurouchi finish stank like crazy as I was sanding it. When the black was gone, the smell stopped. I think this is good news.

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    Cool. Please post some pictures and report back how it's reacting after it's been used. This is really interesting to me.

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