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Thread: wine or beer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pc9111 View Post

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    All depends on the setting, but 99% of the time its a nice beer. I'm kind of burnt out on super hoppy beers ATM but my beer tastes change with the season. I find myself drinking a lot of kölsch's and Saison's currently.

    I drink wine sometimes with a nice dinner, and I love a good bourbon, rum or Japanese whiskey, but theres nothing like the first cold beer after a long shift or on a hot day.

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    hahah..i just got make from taking my wife on her first backpacking trip. we went into the Sierras to catch wild trout. we got TWO and a billion wild crayfish.

    anyways, it was hot and we only drank warmish filtered lake water. we were dirty, hot and hungry when we got back to the truck after three nights of eating backpack food and crayfish and two trout. going home, we noticed we were very close to LAKE TAHOE. we hit the HardRock casino and sat at the outdoor bar. thank goodness we brought clean clothing in the truck.

    i ordered a Coors LIGHT!! mainly because across the lake we could see a camp. they had horses bring them ice chest full of real food and coors light. we watch them guzzle for two days..wishing for can or two.

    okay back to the beer. frozen mug, super cold beer. the sheets of ice were coming off the glass. i damn near shotgunned that thing..two gulps. it was profound..

    truly, hunger (or thirst) is the best spice..

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