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Thread: Introducing Japanese Knife Society

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    Ya, I've seen fugu done up in a couple videos and once IRL. It's a super involved process, but I guess that's why you have to be certified.

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    Newest video... Katsuramuki with Carrots (also, Yokoken and Tateken cuts)

    This time, he uses the proper knife for katsuramuki... a kamagata usuba or usuba.

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    Nice. Thank you for posting, Jon. And thanks to Ueda san and the person filming for making the video.

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    That is a skill I want to learn

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    Excellent piece of instruction Jon! What was he cutting?
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    konnyaku... if you read the entire video description (on youtube), i have english in there too

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    I am really enjoying these videos! I need to get myself a nice yanagiba...

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    Thanks for another great video. Good to know about the konnyaku, too.

    Does Ueda san prefer the Suisin Inox Honyaki knives for a particular reason?

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    yes... he likes them because of how easy they are to touch up, how they dont react with acidic foods, the added toughness they have, and the kind of edge feel they give. I know there are many "traditional" japanese chefs who would not do this, but I've stood next to Ueda-san and tested out a bunch of different knives/steels and i understand why he picks what he picks. It doesnt mean that they would be his choice for everything, as he also has a number of white and blue steel knives as well as ginsanko.

    Also, we are working with Tatsuya-san from suisin on this project, so chances are we will use suisin knives in every video... though not always INOX honyaki... maybe densho will make an appearance soon

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