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Thread: Introducing Japanese Knife Society

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    Another good one. Though I do feel that using a yanagiba in this manner is a lot more intuitive and natural than the previous videos.

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    i think the only other video with a yanagiba is the katsuramuki one, right? I told him that it would cause confusion, but he insisted that many sushi chefs do this out of convenience, so we should show it.

    Anyways, we really tried to highlight some of the parts of this particular cut that many people miss... hopefully it came across in the video.

    I'm curious if you guys are trying these techniques at home/work? If so, how are they working out for you? Better or worse? Let me know if you are running into problems or if you have technical questions.

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    I meant that doing this with a yanagiba is more intuitive than katsuramuki in general, or the nuanced negi cut, because the specific use and tailored design of the yanagiba lends itself to this naturally.

    I do exactly this stuff, both at work and home. When I was working sushi, I always did katsuramuki with my yanagiba. I never owned an usuba. Still don't...yet.

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    I'm slowly learning katsuramuki... not easy with a yanagi.

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    Thanks for the reply, Jon. I guess I'd have to learn to work with single beveled knives and try a few out to better understand that perspective. Hopefully I can start when I visit LA in the winter...

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    I think this video is the best yet, it's great how you incorporated so many different camera angles, it really helps give me an idea of how to mimic his movements. Thank you and please keep the videos coming.

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    Fascinating, thanks for the videos Jon! it's good to see stuff that we read about actually being demonstrated so completely.

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    Yeah the videos are great and I practice all the things I see at work. I thought it was interesting the slight forward movement at the end of the cut very helpful. My cutting whether with single bevel or gyuto has really improved from watching these keep up the good work both of you.

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    technically there are 4 of us involved but thanks (on behalf of all of us)... glad the videos are proving to be helpful

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    Today i got some notes from Ueda-san and Tatsuya-san about some things that needed to be highlighted in the video, so i added in some text this morning. If you havent watched this today, check it out again to catch the new points.

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