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Thread: Newest Acquisition

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    Newest Acquisition

    I figured out which knife to spoil myself with (my wife let me) after getting the big call a bit over a month ago.
    I knew I had my sights set on another Carter, but I had a bit of trouble deciding which one, for sure. After trying out a beautiful IP KU gyuto, and the knife I've been trying to convince my good friend Rick to sell for a while now, I made my decision. It, to be quite honest was a no-brainer!
    Firstly, I need to thank Rick for selling me one of his favourites, and secondly, I should thank Pierre for making Rick a knife he actually enjoys using even more than my new beauty. Here it is - a 7.6 sun KU sujihiki, by Murray Carter, with a beautiful custom handle by Isaiah.

    I think I now understand why quite a few guys go with a short suji as their all-arounder. I've used this knife for everything I can think of, and it's amazing me with its performance.
    Between this and my pettysuki, I think I'm set for a while now...right???

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Nice score. Great photos.
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    Super nice knife. Congrats Lefty!

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    That is super pimp...perfect profile and I am a big fan of angled tips like that. Great score.

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    Thats a real looker, its great to get knives you are already in love with, no?

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    Beautiful knife

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    Beautiful knife lefty!

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