Random (Franken) Food Thought
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    Random (Franken) Food Thought

    A quote from Gastronomica.

    "After hearing about the cannibalism to which the Donner Party resorted in 1846, [Gail] Borden decided to invent a process for condensing foods so that pioneers would never risk starvation again. Borden declared that he intended to put a potato in a pillbox, a pumpkin in a tablespoon, the biggest sort of watermelon in a saucer...."

    In the end he failed to do minimize food, but did invent condensed milk.

    That got me thinking about other franken-food developments. Remember when eggs were declared off limits in the '90s and we ended up with egg beaters?

    "In Japan they don't call it Japanese food, they just call it food." -- Children's Hospital Quote

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    I was in a vegan food stand in austin and they were selling tvp meat and organic corn chips. go figure.

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