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Thread: Anybody eat instant Ramen?

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    To skip the sodium, toss the flavor packet in the trash. Grab stuff from your spice cabinet and use a low sodium stock of some sort.

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    Just ordered me some more Ramen from Amazon. With the Texas Rangers in the World Series it has been pretty busy at the paper. They finally got some more of the oriantal salt flavor in that is one of my favorites. I'll check the sodium content when it comes in, but I don't hold out much hope with the name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    I am addicted to salt. Every time I pass through my kitchen, I take a pinch of kosher out of it's dish and eat it. Instant Ramen is bland, needs more salt.
    Freak. What kind of person does this? Clearly you shouldn't eat straight kosher salt.

    I prefer Maldon's sea salt instead.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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