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Thread: WTT Yoshikazu Ikeda yaganiba 300mm blue2 honyaki

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    WTT Yoshikazu Ikeda yaganiba 300mm blue2 honyaki

    Hi guys im looking to trade (would potentially sell) this 300mm honyaki yaga forged by yoshikazu ikeda and ground by shigehiro kasahara. this knife is unused and still has the laquer on it, its just been sitting on a rack of mine, im moving it because i have an identical knife...i have purchasing problems. You will see the blade has 0 kanji on it, i have explained in some other threads that i get my knives directly from a japenese wholesaler i met in my travels that gives me the option, after repolishing previous honyakis that recieved scratches through long sessions of wet/dry sandpaper i found that kanji messed up my ability to refinish the area it was in and keep the kanji really nice so i now often opt for none. the handle is ebony. I was interested in American makers either gyuto 240+ or suji leaving it open and would love to see whats out there. sorry for the low quality photos and any finger smudges

    image1 (15) by [url=]

    image4 (1) by [url=]

    backside of blade
    image2 (6) by [url=]

    image1 (16) by [url=]

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    Sorry folks forgot to put value. Knife is 850$ usd new, I would listen to offers on items starting at 700$ tho. Only way I can get new toys without the wife knowing ha

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    Damn, what a beautiful hamon. GLWS / T!

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