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Thread: Giveaway number UNO".........

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    Wait wait wait wait wait...

    1. Does this mean I won the shig?

    2. I obviously need to start playing the lotto in NJ.

    3. If the answer to number 1 is yes, then I'm quite sure that neither this knife's final destination nor its mission to help Bill Burke should end with me; I will send some PMs out tomorrow once I get some sleep and have some time to sort things out in my head.

    3b. If the answer to number 1 is no, then nuts to the rest of ya, I'm keepin' whatever it is I just won! :P
    - Erik

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    "yes u can win more than once.."

    Yep! My apology and congrats again!

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    Woah! Congrats!
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    Congrats to the winners!

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

    Availible Knives

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    PM me for adress and info.


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    I'd like to send out an enormous thank-you to Oivind, David and Tom for their incredibly generous donations to this endeavor--things would surely not have gotten rolling like they did or turned out so well without you! Also a huge hand to Ryan for organizing things, Dave for hosting it all and of course to everyone who donated; I am really happy to be a part of this community.

    As for Bill, I've never seen one of your knives in person and I certainly haven't ever met you, but I truly do wish you, your wife and your family the best of luck now and in the future!
    - Erik

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    I would like to thank everyone for the incredible amount of support that we have recieved. Also congratulations to everyone on their winnings.

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    Wait, he really won all of it??

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    Wow, that would be crazy if it were true. That would be the classical definition of Trifecta, but nope, he only went 2 for 3

    Round 1 (Tom Gray's Awesome Pottery): Amon-Rukh
    Round 2 (Awesome Boardsmith Board): Ulalume
    Round 3 (Oivind's Shig!!): Amon-Rukh

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    so much for a hat trick
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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