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Thread: Giveaway number UNO".........

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    Yeah, the cutting board seems to have somehow slipped past the number 38's awesome powers of winning. I'm actually really lucky that numbers were assigned at random, since I would never have picked something with a 3 in it under normal circumstances!
    - Erik

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    Oh snap!

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    Well, Tom's cups arrived today and in the words of my fiancee, "WOW--those are f***ing rad!" Makes me wish I didn't have to work tonight, because I'd much rather spend the rest of the evening sipping delightful things from this awesome pottery! I'll try to put some pics us in the next few days.
    - Erik

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    I hadn't seen Tom's pottery before this event. I'm impressed and interested.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    I case people missed the pictures of Tom's pottery that I put in the pottery festival thread a while back, I thought I'd put them up here too.

    There are 4 cups total and each one is slightly different in both shape and the pattern on it. The size is just right to hold in your hand and the shape of them actually makes them really comfortable. We like them a lot!

    And here is also a pic of Oivind's shig at work on Thanksgiving.

    The mailman had tried to deliver it while I was at work, and since it required a signature for delivery, had taken it back. But then the post office apparently misfiled it and nobody could find the package when I went to pick it up! I did finally get it the day before Thanksgiving--3 days after it was supposed to have come!

    I can try to get some better pictures of these things up if people are interested. In the meantime, Best Wishes to Bill and his family once more!
    - Erik

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