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Thread: here is the new roll I recieved

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    here is the new roll I recieved

    This was made for me buy Jon at Jaw leather. It arrived absolutely gorgeous and shiny. So I immediately took some sand paper to it and scuffed it up a bit. It is full grain vegetable tan leather. I had him make me a 2 inch wide strap that is fully adjustable. It is stitched construction with rivets at all the major stress points. The hardware is American made heavy duty brass and the rivets are solid copper. It is canvas lined for those of you worried about long term storage in leather. He has sewn in a 6 inch x 18 inch accessory pocket
    I had him make me a custom size for my larger knives. open dimensions are 22 x 32 . closed the dimensions are 22x 3 x 8. It has 12 slots that are designed to hold wa and my custom handled knives specifically. It will not hold bulky fibrox or the large synthetic handled house knives. He will make ones that will for you though.
    This thing is gorgeous and incredibly well made. The knives fit very snuggly and will become a little easier to get in as the leather stretches over time. All and all the fit and finish is remarkable and the case has a classy old time flair that speaks of pipe tobacco, scotch and billiard rooms. I highly recommend checking them out.
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    looks nice

    enjoy the new sweet bag
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    I love the stitching. Nice looking roll.

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    That's sharp looking A+

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    I have spent some time on their website and etsy page. Good lookin stuff.
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