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Thread: Some resolution of outstanding Honu Mana work

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    Hi all, I wanted to post an update and conclusion to the whereabouts of Mikey and outstanding work.

    I received an email from Mikey several weeks ago… for various reasons I'm not going to get into, he had to take some time away from things last year. Having been recently absent from the forums for a couple months myself I can understand. The good news is that he is okay, I will leave it at that, and anything further will come from him when/if he decides to post again.

    Additionally I am pleased to advise that I received a couple handles and some other things which square things up as far as the outstanding deposit goes… I've contacted Anton, James and Stefan prvuosly since they volunteered to help, and I am now working on an alternative arrangement with Anton.

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    Great to hear you got some resolution to this.

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    Nice, and glad to hear Mikey is alive and kicking.

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