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Thread: Newest Tanaka

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    Newest Tanaka

    I'm going to have to come back to this with some pics but wanted to go ahead and make a post about the newest blue 2 Tanaka that James is carrying. This blade came without kanji as I'm guessing James is still in the early design stages with Tanaka?

    I've just been through a move and most of my stuff is still in storage so no way of measuring the blade height or length. That said, it is nice and tall like most Tanakas (guessing 50 plus) and is a 240. This has a bit more belly than others I've used but I'm not finding it as annoying as many because there seems to be an effective flat spot (not having issues with accordion cuts).

    Of course this knife has James handle setup which winds up being a great upgrade...the only really problem I have with most of the Tanakas I've used is the crappy stock handle.

    There is a bit of micro-chipping (James was kind enough to send the knife without sharpening so I could put my edge on it...only issue is that my stones are still in storage as well). There are a few kkf'ers near me and I will soon get together with someone to put a fresh edge on it...a good amount of micro-chipping so far due to the 'factory' edge and my lack of a decent cutting board (edge grain was only thing I could find on a local shopping spree).

    The choil looks quite a bit different than other Tanakas I've a good way. Most all I've used have had a choil that in no way looked like the grind of the knife which I suspect was his way of leaving a sturdier heel area. This one looks great and food release is also very good.

    Knife is nashiji finished with stainless so the only exposure of carbon steel is the core blue 2. For people wary of Tanakas reputation for being a bit reactive this may be a nice one to pick up. I'm going to sharpen it and use it for another week or so and I'll start a passaround with it. I'll start another thread soon for that and will update this thread with pics as soon as I can get something workable.

    The knife will wind up being a PIF--thanks to James generosity--I would imagine someone in need will really enjoy this. Once the passaround starts we can figure out where it will wind up when it's done.

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    If I'm napping during the passaround signup, pls put me in. Curious as to what James will list knife for and if it's exclusive to him?

    One of the reasons my G3 Tanaka goes to work with me is that if I'm push cutting it's a push cutter. If I need to mince some parsley or basil it's got enough rock to it. Not ideal as a slicer but don't have to get another knife out if it's slicing time.

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    That sounds like an interesting Tanaka profile. I really do like my Sekiso so I'll be following along to see what the feedback is on this knife.

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    Thanks Jim.
    I am quite happy with the Nashiji version so I went along and ordered them in, with a special Kanji (Shinko - Shigeki Made 辰光·誠贵作). I will have more info to share once they are here.

    Quote Originally Posted by daveb View Post
    Curious as to what James will list knife for and if it's exclusive to him?
    Apart from the Ginsan being a true K&S exclusive knife, the rest of the Tanaka knives should be available to all the other vendors. That said, I think all the K&S Tanakas are K&S exclusive in their own way.

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