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Thread: DMT XXC too coarse for flattening Naniwa SS 10k?

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    yup... thats why i use the xxc or an atoma (used to have one... someone "borrowed" it forever)... then one of the 70mm dmt plates or, even better, the diaface plates to smooth out the surface. You can also use the smaller ones to work up mud... especially on natural. There is a chance of diamond fallout, so if you feel something on the surface, rinse the stone, but otherwise it should be fine.

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    +2 Yes!

    I originally bought an XC just to use on my polishing stones, but ended up using the XXC because of sticking issues.

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    I've just started using a Xc on my Arashiyama 6k and I don't notice much sticking.I also have a Naniwa nagura,but I found there's not much love on here for them.

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    i have a 10 inch duosharp that is coarse on one side and fine on the other. between the two, i've found it to work with everything. i'm not worried about making the surface coarse as much as i am with stickage while flattening. i simply flip to the other side if it starts to stick, and that has always worked great.

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    I use my XXC then go over with well worn down DMT C.

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    +1 using the XXC then smooth out with well worn DMT XC. I'll also turn the DMT over and use the smooth side for a couple passes..... Just me.
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