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Thread: I need help from you guys - Please?

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    1. You are the weird wood pusher, and I've honestly never seen a piece of wood weirder than that.

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    Personally I don't like dyed woods, until I saw that redwood, #3 is an easy choice to me. Hell I would buy a new knife just to have that made into a hadle if I had access to a piece like that.

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    #3, favorite piece and goes well with the hamon.

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    I'm still sticking with #1. If that's a storm cloud hamon, then #1 gots the lightening to go with it!
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    I lean most toward #3, it's a bit more subdued and doesn't distract as much from the blade.


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    If I had to choose between the three, I'd go with #3. Personally I'd go with a natural coloured wood, preferably a dense burl. Like on my latest gyuto...


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    Here are the remaining potential handle pieces.
    These are a bit more normal-ish.

    #4 is buckeye burl
    #5 amboyna, maybe a natural butt
    #6 lace sheoak

    #7 koa
    #8 redwood burl
    #9 end grain redwood burl
    #10 heirloom koa

    We'll give this a few days and then use whatever you guys decide.
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    O M G

    How can we pick??

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