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Thread: Tanaka nashiji stainless clad Blue 2

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    So, Steelcrimp has the knife, now.

    FWIW, my impressions are that it's a beautifully made knife, good geometry, nice balance between hefty and lazer, cuts beautifully. The food release was disappointing, for me, and I've learned that I don't really care for octagonal handles. I would have preferred a shorter handle, too, but it would have had to be made heavier to maintain the balance, which is excellent.

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    I received the knife yesterday! I'm not sure if its still the OOTB edge, but there are very tiny ridges along the edge of the knife. I still don't have the confidence another persons knife without scratching the surface, so I'll just leave it as is. Still plenty sharp.

    @chinacats, you wouldn't wanna trade this for my zuchi, would ya? Jokes aside, this knife is beautiful. Much more of a looker than what the pictures on the website entails. The nashiji finish and the kanji from hand makes it look really rustic and beautiful. The knife is definitely a bit heavier than my ikazuchi, from the handle and the thickness of the blade. Cuts well and the tip is great.

    The only thing I would have liked is a flat spot on the profile. Like my knife, theres a constant belly and no real flat end.

    I can see why nearly everyone recommends the knife for people looking to get into J-knives. Such a great deal with the F&F along with the handle.

    Who's getting the knife next?

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    Just a thought: has anyone ever done a world wide passaround, each stop that person writes a note to the blacksmith, cuts something with it, attach photo (the knife at landmark would be cool), and at the end of the world wide tour, ship it back to the person who made the knife.

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    Sorry for the delay in lapse on my part. Pretty sure steelcrimp still has the there anyone else that would like to give it a test drive? I'll give it a day or so and then start a new thread about what to do with the knife once it's done with the p/a.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Sorry for the delay in lapse on my part. Pretty sure steelcrimp still has the there anyone else that would like to give it a test drive?
    Yes, but I'm on the wrong continent

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    I don't think I qualify since I really just made an account recently after lurking - but I wish I did!

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