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Thread: Tanaka nashiji stainless clad Blue 2

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    Just want to update the list...and as I understand, the knife is on the way to PA.

    Clifton, NJ

    Harrisburg, PA

    Fairview, NC

    Brandon, FL

    Baton Rouge Louisiana

    Cary, IL

    San Diego, CA

    Mesa, AS?

    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChefJimbo View Post
    Okay, some thoughts,

    chinacats told me it was a little rough and he had no stones, so I agreed to sharpen. I received the knife with some micro chipping towards the heel and a hell of a twist in the edge toward the last 3-4 inches before the tip.

    Needless to say this being my first passaround and taking a literal "strangers" knife to the stones for the first time kinda freaked me out. I was anxious but excited. Figured I'll give it a day and hit it in the morning. didn't work out.

    It was calling my name from the minute i started soaking my stones. Poured a scotch, sat and watched the TV for twenty minutes and said f**K it, lets go!!!!!!!!!

    I have to say, one of the easiest jobs on a blade I have ever had!! I had soaked the Beston 500, Bestor 1200, Korin 3000, and King 6000 but decided after closer examination to start with the 1200.
    2 full passes tip to heel and I had a burr, a few more passes to work out the chips and that tweaky edge and I'm on the 3000, after deburring on the 3k and some champagne cork and Dave Martells rock hard felt, I went for the 6k just to polish the whole edge and remove any stragglers.

    Strop on Daves leather (unloaded) with edge trailing strokes and it was hair popping!!

    Raided the home fridge and banged out 1/2 dozen red onions, 3 pepper varieties and a 1 1/2 pounds of flank steak for a little fajita party. Chopped some cilantro and cleaned it up for the next day.
    Next morning I went full Italian and julienned onions ,peppers, potatoes including some raw proteins in chicken, pork chops etc.
    Cooked everything up that afternoon and used the knife to slice some cooked Italian sausage as well as the chiken and pork giambotta.

    Cleaned up a watermelon for dessert and I am looking for more....

    Okay, so the excitement out of the way, the knife balances a bit forward of a normal pinch grip, I experienced nothing out of the ordinary in the form of stiction, even with the potatoes. It was a dream to cut with. As Jim stated the Saya pin does not fit, but being a Tanaka, not everyone is the same size. If I shaved the pin it would fit, but let the eventual owner do that. The Nashiji finish is nice to the eye and I think adds something as the edge has already a nice patina from the cooked proteins(if you like blue/gold)and contrasts against the brushed look of the stainless clad. The handle, F&F, with the rounding and easing make it a beauty.

    Simply put, next week on payday, I'm ordering one.

    oh man! am I excited about this knife!

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    Picked up the Tanaka from the post offifce this morning. Looking forward to playing around with it this evening.

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    Can't wait to hear the review

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    Sorry for the long wait for the review...had a really busy week and didn't get to spend much time with the Tanaka. I will say, however, that the time I got to spend with the knife was a pleasure. I'm normally a 210 guy but the 240 was very manageable and felt great in my hand. It was much lighter and slimmer than I expected. Below are the measurements I took...

    Length: 242mm
    Height: 51.5mm
    Weight: 197g/6.95oz

    * NOTE: I'm fairly new to J knives. I'm just a guy that enjoys to cook at home and appreciates having quality tools for the job. I don't know much about all the intricacies of blade construction and geometry, but I'm slowly learning. Anyway, onto the rest of my comments...

    As I said, I didn't get much time with the knife, but I did get a chance to throw some apples, peppers, onions and strawberries at it. Nothing difficult or out of the ordinary, but the Tanaka handled them all effortlessly. This iteration was nice and thin and Jimbo put a great edge on it, making for a fantastic combo. All I have to say is "this thing cuts!"

    During the tests, the Tanaka went up against my Kuroaski AS Laser and my Tanaka ginsan, both great cutters. But the razor edge of the stainless clad blue combined with its extra heft made it the best all-around winner. Like I said before, I'm a 210 guy, but damn this thing has me wanting to snag a 240 from James. Balance in the hand is great and the rounded spine and choil make it super comfortable to use. For the price, this is yet another fantastic value from Tanaka-san.

    If I hadn't purchased a Tanaka Ginsan from B/S/T at the same time as receiving the passaround, this would have been my first experience with Tanaka knives. After trying both, they have me wondering what the hell took me so long! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the stainless clad blue Tanaka to anyone looking for a great all-arounder with a low-mid budget.

    Thanks to James at K&S for providing such a great knife to the group and chinacats for organizing the passaround. I appreciate having the ability to participate!


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    Great review ashy.

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    Love the feedback, thanks for taking the time to write it up.
    Oh wait, you mean we can customize our signatures?

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    How do these compare to a normal iron clad KU?

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    Wanted to mention to tgfencer and the group - I noticed some small micro chipping about 1.5-2" from the tip before I packed up the knife. The only thing I can think that would have caused this was when I was testing how the knife performed rocking, the blade might have dug into the board a bit and I torqued it. You really have to be looking for the tiny chips, but if you run your fingers along the edge you can feel them. I didn't want to try to touch it up because the edge was so nice otherwise. It shouldn't affect performance, but I wanted to make eveyrone aware.

    Also, forgot to add in my post; I also tested with carrots and tomatoes. Performed flawlessly. Really considering picking one of these up, if and when I have the cash!

    For now, the knife is off to NC. Hope tgfencer enjoys it as much as I did!

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    Just got this in my mail box tonight.

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