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Thread: Cooking With Dog

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    Cooking With Dog

    Howdy folks, I am new here, & this is my first question...

    I have not tried any of the recipes yet on the youtube site, but they look good & I figure they are home style,

    I have had a chicken variation of the Pork Tonkatsu Bowl in Salem, OR. at a place called Ramen Ichiban, most excellent it was,

    the chef and his wife were very talkitive/frendily and answered any questions I had about their menu, they even make their own quick pickled vegatables (tsukemono ?) which were excellent,

    anyway... the main question is, do the recipies look to be close to real and or home style, and tasty ?

    I have access to 3 Asain markets about 30 miles from home for most anything I might require

    Thanks In Advance

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    I enjoy that site! As far as the dishes go, they are straight forward enough that you should just make some and see if they work for you!
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    lol, i thought it was going to be actually cooking a dog.
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    I love Cooking with Dog. I haven't watched it in a while, but I thought it was inspiring in its simplicity and the dog can be pretty funny in some episodes.

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    Who's doing the voiceover....the poodle? Holy Crap!
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    Cooking with dog is awesome! i'm just a home cook and used to use this site a lot when looking for Japanese recipes. another great one is RunnyRunny999

    he's not a prof chef, nor tries to be, but man he makes me crave grub japanese food like no other. i made his okonomiyaki the other day. now thats some food to eat after drinking.

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    Both are charming cooking channels.
    We cook you smile is a good source for Chinese cooking.

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    Love Cooking Wth Dog, I was put off a bit at first thinking the dog was on the counter but later noticed he was on a stool

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    It also looks like the cook is using a decent set of knives (some are even carbon!)

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    Thank you for your input and links to the other sites,

    I will head to the city in a week or so, get some supplies & try some of the recipes,

    Again Thank You

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