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Thread: Hi from the Troglodite in the Mountains of Andalucia Spain

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    OK seriously we need pics of the cave home and your guitars.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg the Yeti View Post
    Sorry to disappoint. My cave is nowhere near the sea. I wanted to avoid the 'Lager Louts' by the beach! I'm on the northern side of the Sierra Nevada and 700 meters up.

    I do make paella, but not the seafood variety. Apparently the origin of Paella is not a seafood dish but one made with locally caught small game (mostly rabbit or hare) and snails!! My recipe is with chicken and Jamon Serrano. I like it and so do my dogs.
    All my food now is tailored so that my dogs can eat with me. Less salt and spice, and nothing toxic to dogs.

    Oh and my cave has most of the mod cons. Tiled floors, Satelite Dish, the Kitchen I designed myself and had built by a friend. It's entirely made of alternating coloured brick with marble for all the worktops and shelves. Storage uses easily obtained plastic food crates from the markets. A touch of luxury but practical too.

    How would you feel about an uninvited, ugly American house guest?

    BTW, got GPS coordinates?

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    I want a cave...

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