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Thread: What's the correct technique for dicing tomatoes?

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    One little tip from a pro Italian chef friend, always core the tomatoes. The core is where the tomato filters/stores toxins and ideally not best added to food.

    I quater then slice off the core (similar to coring Zucchini/Courgettes). Followed by dicing.

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    cool, so the majority view is to core it first

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    Use an EXTREMELY SHARP knife.....scary sharp.
    yes remove core.
    There's multiple ways I slice tomatoes.
    It depends on what variety tomato, and what I'm using it for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noodle Soup View Post
    I'm guessing your knife needs to be just a little sharper yet. I don't have that much trouble doing what you are describing and I'm not one of those "polish the edge to 12000 grit" people. I seldom go above 2000-3000 grit on my everyday work knives.
    I agree but you are missing out

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