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Thread: Would you get a bread knife rehandled?

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    Just take a hack saw and add some notches for better grip


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    Duct tape. Color optional.
    Spike C
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    Do it, this life is too short to have ugly handles attacking one's sight.

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    tell that to shun.

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    I've been kicking the idea to rehandle my metal shun for some time. One of my neighbors is a phenomenal welder so I just need to figure out how to about it before the chopping starts, but it will get done... eventually.

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    I may imagine re-handling as it is the only knife I don't pinch grip. But I wouldn't really care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oivind_dahle View Post
    I rehandle everything!!

    Here is my bread knife:
    Harald is working on my second as we speak
    use the Mac bread very often but re-handling it is an odd thought for me
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