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Thread: KASFLY (CZAR) Ultimate Sandpaper holder

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    Captain, Just use a series of 3M papers at the hardware store. You can get a series from 120 to 2500 for about $25. Then slice them up and mount them. I use a paper cutter. I haven't tried but might also try sharpening with oil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCaptain View Post
    ... Anyone want to suggest a sandpaper progression? ....
    It sort of depends on what you can source locally. I've had better luck using (a little slightly) soapy water when using sandpaper, so ideally you'll find wet-dry paper. I haven't found good selections in coarse grits around here though. Depending on your luck, sanding belts might be your best bet. (Widths might be off, but very easy to cut to length.) I've found the ceramic abrasive ones, under different brands, actually work pretty well on steel. As you go finer, you'll have not only what the local hardware (or big box) store carries, but also auto parts & hobby shops.

    If you're willing to wait for an order, 3M makes Aluminum-Oxide and Silicon-Carbide sheets. I linked some examples I know off hand, but for the KASFLY you'd prefer non-PSA sheets and will want to search around. I know there are also diamond sheets, in the finer grits at least, but my example is too small for the KASFLY so you'd definitely shop around.

    ETA: I kept looking and found a post (on a woodworking forum) saying Otto Frei carries 3M products that LV doesn't. (I'm finding their site frustrating to navigate, but...) Here are two examples of 3M film Coarse and Medium assortments.

    Good luck (and let us know what you learn! Thanks.)

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    thinning cleavers

    Quote Originally Posted by TheCaptain View Post
    So, I have a cleaver which I'd like to thin a bit. I think this is perfect for the task. Anyone want to suggest a sandpaper progression? My first thinning attempt so I completely own the fact that I don't know what the heck I'm doing.


    i thinned 2 cleavers recently (mostly because thats all i use ) they were both stainless steel and had some decent shoulders that needed to be blended. I ended up thinning them both about 1/2 an inch up the side of the cleaver. i used 80 grit to get a lot of the work done. then 120, 220, 320, 400. most of the work was on 80 and 120 and the 220, 320 and 400 i spent progressively less time. the 400 really didnt remove metal so much as work scratches out. To tell you the truth i stopped both knives at the 400 grit and they were as sharp as i probably could have gotten on a stone so ive just been using them as is and they are performing really well. ive pasted a couple of previous posts from some well known individuals about how to go about thinning so as to not waste time or provide false information. i also bought the same sandpaper that cheflivingood posted on page 2 as a link. it worked really well. spent maybee 40 or 50$ on sandpaper and used a sheet of each. its a pretty efficient process.

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