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Thread: Snow in October!?!

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    Snow in October!?!

    I can't remember one time in my life having it snow before Halloween. Today I'm looking out the window at a mini snow storm...what the???

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    We've had snow in July and August before, and I don't think we've had a Halloween without snow in almost a decade. You get no sympathy here. I mean, what woman is really gonna dress slutty for Halloween in 10 inches of snow?!

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    I heard 8 inches in northern NJ and have a half inch outside already here in central jersey, for October I consider this a big storm.

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    I was raised near the Canadian border and remember most of my Halloweens with snow. As a kid though I loved it when there wasn't snow (warmer weather meant more candy), but now I am nostalgic for snowy halloweens. Plus, frozen pumpkins are a lot harder for kids to kick in

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    whats this "snow" stuff you guys speak of... t-shirt and sandals all year
    And Christmas decorations on palm trees! Ice cold beer at the dinner table! Maybe a little surfing in the morning, too!

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    when i was upstate a few years back i think i helped my sis take the kids out in the snow but round here i have never seeen it
    just means i ll be cracking a beer and relaxing till i can play out i the snow (sadly kelly has strep so no running around on the 4wheelers

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    We had 2 inches over night, its all but melted again now... Been a great fall! This is the first white stuff all year. The earliest I've seen it was a freak 10 inches in july. It was all gone by dinnertime, and was 26C the next day.

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    Couple of sprinkles here too-I was skeptical when my mom said snow was forecast for this weekend-Lizzy (my DD) is excited, because she hopes fall ball (lacrosse) is cancelled for tomorrow....

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    It's gettin cold here too. Almost dropped out of the 80's yesterday!
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