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Thread: How particular are you with how a knife looks?

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    Nothing wrong with a bad ass looking long as it cuts the way you want it to.

    F&F are more than just aesthetically pleasing,it adds to the overall comfort and longevity of the knife..

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    Depends on the price. I don't want to do $150 in work to save $20.

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    it can look like crap but if it performs well, i am fine with it.

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    I have some Carters and a Fujiwara Terayasu. The not HG Carters and the Fujiwara don't look like much but they are excellent cutters.

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    Two different categories.

    I buy knives for performance and I buy knives for looks.

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    Looks are important to me. All things beimg equal, the prettier knife will win out every time. I also dont think I could bring ,yself to buy a knife that I thought was hideous, no matter how good it supposedly was. That said, aesthetics isn't the most important factor - something with meh looks but awesome performance definitely wins out over so,ethimg that looks great but feels like junk.
    - Erik

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    I have the same relationship to knives as with girls. The performance is extremely important. However when you wanna brag to friends or have a good time of your own, its nice to have some good-looking ones.

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    If you have a well made knife it should perform and look good. I want the best of both!

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    Looks are in the eye of the beholder, what I find attractive in a knife is not what most would like lol. Symmetry in not important to me ether, how the knife handles and cuts weigh in heavily. I have some knives where the spine is not really straight or ground consistanly, but when veiwing it down the edge or cutting thin slices, it's vey consistant and cut very well. Even on the stones these knives feel just fine and you couldn't tell that the spines where off slightly. I wouldn't trade them off for anything...

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    Performance for me.. I don't like my knives to stand out cause of certain 'itchy fingers' issues.. So as normal looking and understated as possibly.

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